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Description of Short URL Resolver

Short URL Resolver handles the short URLs typically used in social networks:,,, etc.

Why would you need a (big) web browser to open link that sends you to a Youtube video. Click this youtube link on your Android phone: (Then try again after installing this app to see the difference).

Sure, there are other apps that do this, but I think mine has unique features:

* Doesn't get in the way: It's small (~700kb). Minimal, but useful, user interface. Does exactly 1 thing and does it right.

* Handles Facebook's external links. Tired of launching the browser to open a URL? No more.

* Handles Youtube's attribution links. These should be handled by the Youtube app (Google's fault). Short URL Resolver handles them for you, so you get to see the video on the Youtube app. No browser involved.

* Handles Tapatalk api click links.

* Handles links, used in the Play Store for links in the description.

* Partial support for

Also, it's free, and ad-free. You can make an in-app donation if you feel it's worth it.

It doesn't use any third party service for resolving the URLs. The basic principle is making an HTTP request and determining where it's being redirected.

It's my first public Android App, but I think it's the best of its kind (you can try and prove me wrong X-D)

*Thanks for the comments and the reviews!*

If anyone wants to collaborate by translating the app to another language, you can do it here:

XDA thread:

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